Academic Outsourcing: No Reason for Outrage

I am well aware that some might find a person, such as myself, who works for a paper writing service as being someone who works in an industry that is less than admirable. I can concede that there is at least an element of truth to this, as I do provide papers to students that they will either use as a basis for their work or even submit, unchanged save the addition of their name, as their own. However, given the complexity of the college experience and the multiple demands that compete for the attention of students in contemporary academic society, I feel that I provide a service that is not only ethical, but also mandatory.


Consider the reality of attending a university: classes, work, academic related activities such as internships and social lives are all necessary elements that require a student’s time and attention. Complicating an already complicated set of requirements is that these independent components are seldom coordinated such that multiple instances of extreme time commitment do not conflict with each other. Stated simply, no one cares if your other professors just assigned a research paper or if you have to study for a test the same weekend you are scheduled to work.


Why, then, is it considered an egregious breach of etiquette or ethics to employ an essay writing service if the situation requires it? University professors take sabbaticals when they engage in research or wish to write academically; why is it so wrong for students to look for assistance when they have no similar avenue of relief available to them in the face of overwhelming responsibility?


A paper writing service, if it were offered to those who are working professionally rather in enrolled in a university, would be referred to as outsourcing. Companies that recognize that they will be unable to devote sufficient resources to succeed, without assistance that will come from outside the organization, are lauded for being able to manage their workload and source agencies or personnel that will enable them to achieve success.


I believe that outsourcing is the proper and accurate term to apply to what I do for the paper writing service that employs me. I regard the writing that I do for students as doing what is necessary to allow them to balance their needs. I trust them not to abuse the privilege; I understand that a college degree should not be earned completely on the basis of work that is performed by someone else.


That abuse of my work might take place, however, is not an ethical dilemma that is exclusive to my profession. Should accountants be blamed if they are given information for a client’s tax return that is not factual? Our legal system is based on the principle of aggressive advocacy, even if the attorney might feel there is a possibility that they are working for a guilty party. I use these two examples for the reason that accountants and attorneys both provide services for their clients, working as agents for their clients. I write custom papers in service of my clients, and I by doing the best work that I can, I satisfy my own ethical requirements.

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