Best Essential Productivity Apps for iOS and Android in 2017

 Best Essential Productivity Apps for iOS and Android in 2017 by WritingsGuru  How would modern society function without technology? Hopefully, we’ll never have to find out! Constant innovation has led to some amazing productivity apps to help you manage the time in your day. Some of the best productivity apps are free or low cost, which makes finding the productivity tools you need easy. Others may require a monthly subscription fee for their use. Just remember: well-designed productivity apps are often worth the investment. Just like friends, the best productivity apps can be hard to find. Lucky for you, we’ve done the work in narrowing the best productivity apps and productivity tools you need this year. If you’ve tried productivity apps before but didn’t think they delivered what they promised, take the time to check out the upgraded, improved, or brand new productivity apps being released now. These productivity apps will help you make sense of your personal, academic, and professional obligations. Let’s take a look at the best productivity apps and best planners 2017.

Best Productivity Apps

Make 2017 the year you actually stick to that pesky New Year’s resolution to be more productive. If you’ve ever wanted more time in the day, the best productivity apps can deliver this wish. Before downloading some of the best productivity apps out there, take a few moments to honestly identify your weaknesses and figure out what types of productivity apps you really need.

Here are three great ideas:


This app is everything you want to stay on track from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Not only does it offer key reminders, but it also shares motivational stats to keep its users on track. It will help you stick to routines you want to build and maintain every day.


This is one of the best productivity apps out there. Harvest works to show users how they spend their time. Users can set a timer and use this information to assess not only how they’re spending their time, but how to spend it more wisely.

Site Block

Ah, the pitfalls of being ever connected to the world around us. This app works to block websites you should be avoiding during times when you should be productive. Feel the need to check Facebook several times an hour? This apps blocks it. It also creates reports on how many times you try to visit a blocked site: it will open your eyes about yourself and help you as one of the great productivity apps.

Best Planners 2017

Best Planners 2017 by WritingsGuru        

Who doesn’t need some help planning out their hours, days, weeks and months. Being able to visually see what you need to do and organise the scope and sequence of a project can dramatically increase your productivity. Procrastination can defeat us all.

Check out some of the best planners 2017 below:

Fantastical 2

Definitely one of the best planners 2017! This app is a calendar app with amazing features. Colour block schedules are just one of its great features. It’s easy to use and operate. While there are many productivity tools out there, this is an excellent choice to carve out productivity each and every day.


This productivity app has one important purpose: track your time into pie charts. If you’re a visual learner, this productivity app is for you. It allows you to see exactly how you’re using your time on a daily basis in colourful pie pieces. If you’re looking to better plan your time every day this one of the productivity apps you should download now.


One of the highly regarded productivity apps, Basecamp provides the framework for your productivity to get in shape. It breaks down what you need to do and helps you do it. Users can additionally collaborate with coworkers using the app as well.


Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools by WritingsGuruAh, how simple productivity tools can really help your workflow! Whether you need motivational help, organisational help, or notetaking help, there are specific productivity apps to help you become the most productive person you can be. The productivity software for iPhone as well as the productivity software for android is just amazing. Take a look at three great productivity tools that give productivity apps a good name:


Those who have mastered the art of productivity will share that the ability to focus encourages productivity. This app helps users focus on the task at hand. Not only does it get your momentum going, but is also keeps it going through the task’s duration with pop-up reminders.


Organising what needs to get done into a simple to follow list is one of the productivity tools you need to get on board with. This productivity software for the iPhone encourages its users to make the most of their time by using reminder notifications and a user-friendly interface.

Genius Notepad

Hate the original notepad included as part of the productivity software for the iPhone or android? Then consider downloading this upgrade. Skip the boring original and opt for productivity tools that offer multiple designs and fonts as well as subfolders for better organisation.

It may seem that there are as many productivity apps out there as people who want to be more productive both personally and professionally. So how can you tell the best productivity apps from the mediocre productivity apps, or worse yet the productivity apps that waste more time than they save? That’s a good question. A well-designed productivity tool should have a friendly user interface; the best productivity apps are instinctual. This means that users can navigate them instinctually and don’t need to spend a great deal of time learning how to use the productivity app. The design should be impeccable whether it was the productivity software for the iPhone or productivity software for android. Take a few moments to look at user reviews and make sure the app delivers what it promises.

Download the productivity apps that are highly rated and see if they work for you — delete the ones that don’t and keep the ones that do. That’s the first productive move you can make!

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