Brexit – Why Does Britain Wish to Leave the EU?

Brexit is the term given to the British exit from the European Union in the recent referendum held in the UK on the 23rd of June 2016. Whilst some are fairly pleased with the idea of Brexit, others are going crazy as to why the UK would make such a daft decision and are worried of what the future holds for them. In order to gain a better insight and to make sense of why Britain would want to leave the EU, it is important that we examine the 4 most common aspects of the Leave Campaign.

Wants to Control its Borders

After the attacks on Turkey, Brussels and Paris, people have stepped forward in insisting Britain to leave the EU. This is so Britain can gain better re-control of its borders. It is important to note that Britain already has better control over its borders as compared to Norway and Switzerland, members of the Schengen Area. Also, many suggested that leaving the EU would actually mean that Britain would lose control over its borders rather than gaining control and France had already threated to stop preventing migrants crossing at Calais.

Discourages Free Movement of People

Britons are not too happy with the free movement of immigrants that are able to enter the UK fairly easily. They base this decision on the affect that the UK benefit system has on immigrants. They feel that immigrants laze around and steal benefits thereby weakening the economy. Britain also feels that by having more control of its borders and by discouraging free movement, it should help improve the security of the country.

Would No Longer Follow Restricted Laws

If Britain was to leave the EU, it wouldn’t have to follow certain restricted laws. These laws are those that comply with the EU immigration law or maintenance to the budget of the EU. A whopping 5 billion euros go into the EU every year and these could instead stay in Britain and help with Britain’s economy. Some estimates also claim that the cost of being a member of EU is around 200 billion pounds! This money could instead be used for scientific research and on new British industries.


The Central Agricultural Policy (CAP) is very expensive and wastes a lot of money. Nigel Farage feels that Britain could negotiate an agreement with the EU, where Britain would still have access to the single market of EU. This would allow Britain to still be free from various EU home affair, justice and agricultural laws. Being independent of EU, Britain would also be able to pursue international trades with US, India and China.

Whilst for some people, it can be argued that the Brexit would cause more harm to Britain than good, many are still hopeful to see how things in the UK will change and will hopefully be the start of a stronger and more stable economy.

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