Why College Students Support Donald Trump

Why College Student Support Donald Trump by WritingsGuru 

College students for Trump were elated by his win this November. College students explain Trump support on several platforms including his campaign promises to address issues facing them every day. Despite campus protest, groups of dedicated students for Trump rallied and voted in the election to help their candidate. Each contact electoral college and made their voices heard. While this contact electoral college surprised many political analysts, students for Trump hoped their voices would be heard. And they were; the contact electoral college movement elected Trump as the 45th President. Campus protest to his candidacy wasn’t enough; college students for Trump showed up at the polls for many reasons.

Here’s how college students explain Trump support:

Reduce For-Profit Colleges

Instead of engaging in a long, drawn-out court battle, Donald Trump settled a lawsuit alleging his for-profit university defrauded students attending it rather than facing more campus protest. Campus protest spread across the U.S. during this issue. He settled on paying $25 million dollars, though a large sum, not quite enough to refund every student’s tuition who graduated without adequate knowledge to enter their field. College students for Trump hope that this personal experience will encourage Trump to take a close look at for-profit colleges and work to tighten regulations on institutions that don’t deliver what they promise. College students explain Trump support through his willingness to axe institutions that don’t work.

Reducing Government Regulation

Reducing Government Regulation by WritingsGuru

Throughout the campaign and now as he sits in office, President Trump promised the American people that he will drastically reduce the number of regulations overseeing large sections of the economy. Republican student groups support deregulation as shown through campus protest. Many students for Trump believe that reducing government regulation may improve the economy and lower the unemployment rate which President Obama lowered to 4.6% before leaving office from its height of 10% when he took office. If President Trump can lower the unemployment rate as much as President Obama, every American would be employed. College students for Trump believe that deregulation is one way to accomplish this. President Trump has promised to:

Shut Down the Department of Education

Beyond merely reducing funding to the Department of Education, President Trump would like to eliminate this regulatory body completely. Doing so at the federal level would encourage states to create their own departments which may create more jobs.

Deregulate the Internet

While many campus protests erupted over this campaign promise, it seemed popular with students for Trump. Currently, all internet providers must treat information obtained from the internet equally. Deregulating the Internet would mean that providers (and businesses) could prioritize information internet users see when using their service.

Deregulate Energy Production

By lifting current restrictions on shale energy production, President Trump hopes to create more jobs in this industry. There have been many students engaging in campus protest on both sides of this issue.

Lower College Costs

College students for Trump would like to see his campaign promise to lower college costs become a reality. President Trump articulated that he would like to reduce or eliminate federal regulations that colleges and universities must comply with in order to reduce their overall costs. While this state was met with campus protests, many students for Trump showed their support by contact electoral college. By eliminating the college’s compliance with federal regulations, the theory is that colleges could pass on these savings to students in the form of lower tuition. Federal regulations that may be reduced or eliminated pertaining to colleges and universities could include:

  • FERPA or the Buckley Amendment
  • CAN-SPAM Act
  • Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
  • Campus Security Act of 1990
  • Age Discrimination Act of 1975
  • Animal Welfare Act
  • Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994

Eliminating or Modifying Loan Repayment Programs

Many college students for Trump additionally support the President’s position on eliminating Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This program works to forgive college debt after 10 years of consistent work in the government and nonprofit sectors. President Trump advocated for the elimination of loan forgiveness, holding all borrowers accountable for any and all loans taken to obtain a college education. Students supporting this measure believe that college loans should be paid back in full without any loan forgiveness.

Other college students for Trump believe that eliminating loan forgiveness isn’t the way to go and instead favor Trump’s alternative plan to increase loan repayments to 12.5% for 15 years which is lower than George W. Bush’s plan for graduates which was 15% of total income for 25 years and higher than the Obama administration’s change to the program which lowered payments to 10% of income and debt balance forgiven after 20 years. College students explain Trump support by advocating to pay for their part. College students for Trump believe in paying their fair share and supported the increase.

Blunt Statements

In her articleCollege Sophomore: I Joined ‘Students for Trump’ Because He’s the Future for Millennials”, published on Time’s online site, Julie Dobbs states that among the many reasons she supports Trump, she greatly admires how he “…deals with tough subjects bluntly.” In an age of fake news stories and irrelevant social media posts, many college students for Trump are drawn to his blunt statements. College students explain Trump support for his ability to cut straight to the issue and skip political correctness. While a campus protest may erupt for his statements on the disabled, women, and immigrants, college students for Trump value his blunt statements that veer away from the political doubletalk they believe is harming the country.

Business Experience

Business Experience by WritingsGuru

College students for Trump believe that his business experience will benefit America’s workforce. Students for Trump, such as Cassidy Cook at Campbell University in North Carolina was interviewed by Cosmopolitan regarding her support and shared that he “…turns nothing into something.” Each and every college student explains Trump support in the article. Anna Chapman, at the University of South Carolina, shared in the same interview that she likes Trump because “…he is a doer”. Many college students did not support campus protest for these reasons. These college students explain their Trump support based on his experience in the business world; they hope he’ll bring his negotiating skills and experience beyond politics into the White House to benefit the population.

While major campus protest happens throughout the U.S. during President Trump’s first 100 days in office, college students for Trump contact the electoral college and enjoyed their win. College students explain Trump support as on ongoing effort in the face of campus protest. College students for Trump have enjoyed their victory and eagerly await the President’s actions to see if they will indeed benefit students for Trump. Whatever the outcome, this election has provided students with many great topics for sociology papers — especially, on campus protest and why college students for Trump won a victory.


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