Coursework Papers – The Ultimate Guide

Coursework paper: the ultimate guide by essaywritersden.comThe term coursework paper is quite broad, so I’m here to dissect what’s what and to provide some valuable tips to help you get yours done.

Coursework writing can be broken down into several categories across all areas of academia. Think of it this way, if your paper will receive a grade of some sort and you’re on a deadline… well, you get the idea: coursework.

So, what are these categories?


Ah yes, an English teacher’s favorite. Essays take on many different forms and are typically the cornerstone of any English course (high-school or otherwise). Essays are non-fiction pieces that conventionally have a structure (intro, plot, and conclusion). Though, many famous essayists neglect to use this structure at all and still delivered a rhetorical piece of work that stands the test of time. For essays exemplified spend some time with the best essays of the post-war era.

Types of essays include:


  • Narrative

    A narrative essay is all about you (the writer). It should be in the first person and recount an experience you have had. This can be the best day of your life, or the worst, or the day you accidently left the house wearing two different shoes… as long as you can make it interesting. Some say narratives include structured action, while descriptive, the following type of essay, have no components of time – only feeling.

  • Descriptive

    Descriptive essays are meant to be vivid and engaging stories of life, love, loss, happiness, fear and everything in between. They seek to make the reader feel like they’re in the thick of the story – living every word.

    Tips: Get cozy with your adjectives. Instead of: “Sam went to the store.” try, “Sam walked purposefully to the dimly lit corner store.” Draws up more of an image, eh?

  • Argumentative

    An argumentative essay is intended to argue a point while still highlighting both sides of the argument. It requires you to take a stance on a topic, providing reasons why you support it coupled with evidence. The goal is to make the reader really consider the topic you’re writing about and to demonstrate a valid argument that can hold up under scrutiny.

    Tips: Don’t rely too heavily on news sources and stay away from editorials, these are opinion pieces, not content founded in facts.

  • Persuasive

    A persuasive essay is much like an argumentative essay except the writer takes it up a notch. Let’s say you’re arguing that the North Dakota oil pipeline should not be constructed. Instead of just providing a broad valid argument highlighting the reasons why you feel this way, you need to convince the people that matter (energy companies, judges, regional and state officials) that this pipeline is, in fact, disastrous and cannot be built. You want to “win” the argument.

    Tips: Same as argumentative, news sources often force you to rely on the author’s fact’s to support your argument. Look to scholarly journals and reputable sites to pull evidence from.

  • Expository

    Unlike an argumentative essay, an expository essay simply presents balanced information. Let’s say you want to research a controversial topic like gun control. Instead of saying you are for or against gun control, you would present balanced arguments and statistics from both the gun control and gun liberation schools of thought.

    Tips: Remember to write in the third person (‘they’, ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘it’) and avoid using the first person (‘I’, and ‘me’). And, stay on topic. It’s easy to start veering off onto interesting, but mostly unrelated topics. Stay focused on the coursework writing at hand.

Feeling a little confused? It’s alright because essay writing guidelines can be a little blurry. I know there are professionals available to provide writing coursework help so you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

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Research papers

Research papers by essaywritersdenLike essays, research papers have a couple of different styles:

  • Argumentative

     As you may have guessed this style of research paper does not differ much from an argumentative essay. An argumentative research paper should be about a debatable topic (of which there are plenty to choose from). It requires thorough research, a stance and supporting evidence. This type of assignment writing is found throughout many higher level college courses.

  • Analytical

    An analytical coursework paper will include a clearly stated thesis in the first paragraph, followed by a breakdown of this idea supported by many scholarly sources (properly cited) and finally a conclusion.

    So, your thesis could be something like, “although Prohibition only lasted 14 years, the policies installed during this time set the stage for the failed War on Drugs today.” This is a good topic because it’s A) relevant, B) debatable and C) has a lot of contexts to pull from.

    Now that’s a paper I would be interested in reading.

    Tips: For both types of research papers make sure to review MLA style guidelines for formatting and proper citation methods.

Lab reports

lab reports by essaywritersden
In the scientific community lab reports are all the rage. Though, you won’t make it out of school alive without doing at least one. In science class, you’ll likely be doing experiments of some sort. Maybe you’ll dissect a pig, or you will mix a bunch of chemicals together and watch things change colors and grow.

Whatever it is – you’re going to need to recap what you did, why you did it, what you learned and what the results mean.


  • Start off with a title page including the name of the experience, who your lab partners are, the date, and the course.
  • For the meat of the report include the title, an introduction, the materials you used, the methods, the data recorded, results, discussion of the analysis and a conclusion.
  • Include any graphs and figures after the conclusion and then cite references if applicable.
  • Leave your personality at the door. A lab report isn’t the place to get spirited. It’s bland, data-driven coursework writing.

Is college coursework difficult? Yes, but that’s part of why it’s college. You are there to learn and to be challenged. If you already knew how to write all of these coursework papers then you would be handed an honorary degree (okay, I don’t think that’s true, and I’m not sure they are really that coveted since Kayne West got one…for what, we don’t know). But you get my point.

Take the time to really engage in the writing process, find something you’re interested in and explore it. If you’re shaking your head like – nope – maybe you should consider getting some coursework help from a professional writing service.

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