Critical Thinking Essay – The Ultimate Guide

The ability to think critically is a higher level cognitive skill that proves to be invaluable. Critical thinking can be thought of as the objective analysis of an issue or topic. Being able to think critically allows one to form a judgment or an opinion of the topic. Critical thinking skills play an important role in our lives. The ability to research, analyze, evaluate and then form a judgment is a skill that everyone needs to master. If you’ve been assigned a critical thinking essay and need an insight, we have all the information that you need to know.

Why are critical thinking essays crucial assignments of an academic career?

If you’ve been assigned a critical thinking essay, you may be wondering what your instructor will get from it and why it’s been demanded from you. Critical thinking essays promote critical thinking and analysis in students. Instructors use these essays to analyze their student’s abilities. It is easy to give a statement but important to prove the reason behind giving that statement. This is how a critical thinking essay works. You choose a topic and then you must examine that topic from different angles and perspectives. This accounts for critical thinking as you need to dig deeper into the topic. You must carry out research to find problems and their solutions. You must think critically and will need to examine the different strengths and weaknesses. Your essay will need to provide your reader will all they need to know on the topic and must effectively be able to address any queries or concerns related to the topic. The nature of these assignments demand dedication and effort and allow instructors to monitor the progress of their students.   

By writing critical thinking essays, you’ll be polishing critical thinking skills that will prove to be very beneficial. Not only will critical thinking aid in inquisitiveness in regards to different issues in life, it will also help with alertness, fair-mindedness, open-mindedness, honesty, patience, self-confidence, the ability to understand the views of others and willingness to revise views and dig deeper into things to become more informed. 


If you’ve never written a critical thinking essay before and need some advice on how you are to go about it, read on and you’ll be able to start writing in no time.

Pick a good topic

You need to make a wise decision when choosing a topic for your critical thinking essay. After all, you’ll need to dig deeper and the topic must be able to retain your attention. Here a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • The topic must be able to spark interest in your instructor or target audience
  • The scope of the topic must be sufficient in accordance to the word count
  • The topic must be one that promotes critical thinking
  • Choose a topic that your reader will benefit from
  • Select a topic from the field that interests you. There are countless critical thinking topics in art, literature, nursing, science, healthcare, technology and many others

Sample topics for critical thinking essays

Here are some great topics that can inspire you:

  • Analysis of healthcare issues
  • Legalization of drugs
  • The educational system of UK (in comparison to other countries)
  • The effect of social media on students
  • Have humans become too dependent on technology?
  • Effectiveness of psychological tests
  • The role of media in tearing down moral values


When it comes to writing the essay, don’t let the word count or scope of the topic intimidate you. You must take the different aspects of the essay one step at a time.

Plan the essay

Before you start writing the critical thinking essay, plan it out. Take a notepad and write down important details relevant to the critical thinking essay. Were there any specific guidelines? Keep all important notes at hand. You also want to start your research so you can gather enough information on the topic. Remember, it is okay to use Wikipedia to gain an overview of the topic but you should use reliable information sources to substantiate your essay content.

Structuring the essay

The presentation of your critical thinking essay really matters! If you want to make a great first impression, ensure that your critical thinking essay looks immaculate. There should be proper headings and subheadings. Diagrams should be labelled and referenced accordingly. Check the line spacing of the document and ensure each aspect of the topic has its own paragraph. A good structure will not only be pleasing to the eyes through clarity, it will also aid in readability and will help you achieve good marks.

Basic format

As with any essay, your critical thinking essay should have the basic format of an introduction, body and conclusion. You can then fill in these sections as you go along. Remember, you don’t have to start with the introduction and generally, writing the introduction after the body of the essay proves to be easier.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing your essay:


  • Keep it concise
  • Ensure that you provide a clear overview of what your essay aims to discuss
  • Don’t forget to give a brief background of the topic
  • Have attention grabbing statements


  • Ensure that each aspect of the topic has its own paragraph
  • Add headings and subheadings for clarity
  • Refer back to your topic to ensure that you are not deviating from it
  • Examine the different aspects and perspectives of the topic at hand
  • Leave no stones unturned in substantiating your statements with reliable facts and figures
  • Ensure that you explain everything in detail
  • Any possible question or curiosity regarding the topic must be addressed through the content of your essay


  • Briefly summarize the key points of the critical thinking essay
  • Refer back to the topic and explain how your essay addressed it
  • Use concluding statements that allow the reader to form an opinion based on yours

Tweak it to perfection

Once you’ve written your essay, don’t just hand it in. Sleep over it and read though it the next morning. This will allow you to read your essay from a fresh perspective. Get someone else to read your essay for you too. Doing so will give you the ability to spot discrepancies and grammatical mistakes. You can then make amendments accordingly and polish your essay to perfection.

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