I Resolve…

The arrival of a New Year is a time for resolutions. As a professional writer who provides academic support for students who need assistance during times of need, I understand that everything that I write is very important to the person for whom I am writing. Every research paper that I write, and every essay that I compose is something that a student needs for a class, and I remember from my time in university how much each assignment counts toward your success in that class, and ultimately, with regard to your degree.

As I look at what I have done in 2015 and look forward to what I will accomplish in 2016, several things occur to me. While I know that while I have done my best, I can do better. What, specifically, can I do better? I can try to be more responsive, work more efficiently and try to complete more projects.

All of my work arrives to me electronically. I receive emails that tell me what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed. Sometimes, if I am not attentive enough, I can lose the opportunity to write a project for a customer. I know that I can do more for our customers if I pay more attention to communication. I resolve to do so.

I tend to take too much time with my writing. I want to read just one more article, or to research the format just a little bit more before I begin to write the research paper or essay. While I understand that writing a top notch, original paper is the goal that I must always aspire to, I also know that by working more efficiently I can write more. I need to trust my experience and rely upon it as I write in 2016. While I will never be the fastest writer, I know that I can become more efficient. I resolve to work as quickly as I can without sacrificing the content of what I am writing.

Sometimes I get too busy, and cannot take any more orders that I am offered. While I will never sacrifice my commitment to quality, I know that I can work faster, and do more, than I did in 2015. Perhaps one less moment spent in some task that is not related to the project that I am working on will allow me to take on another project, and to help another student who requires assistance in their hour of need. I resolve to help as many students as I can in 2016.

These are just three of the resolutions that I am making for the New Year. As this is a time for reflection, I can appreciate what I have done well during the year that is coming to a close, and look forward to doing better in the year ahead. I hope that, if you need to buy a paper online, you will look to Writingsguru.com for your academic writing needs, and that I will be able to help you, and I resolve to do the best job that I possible can for you.

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