Looking for Inspiration

I enjoy writing, and I am glad that I work for a paper writing service, so that I have an opportunity to do it often. Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with something to write when I am not given a topic, as I usually am for the writing service, and I already have something to write about. For the times that I do have to come up with a topic, such as when I need to write an essay, I have a few things that I like to do to help me to get started if nothing occurs to me immediately. Typically, by first stopping to think about what I want to say, reading something else that I have written or reading something online I am able to come up with an idea that will allow me to begin to work.

Often I will pause for a moment, hands held over the keyboard, and start to think about any ideas that I may have had recently and did not write down, or about something that has happened that will encourage me to write. It may be a current event, a controversial issue or a personal reflection. I attempt to clear my mind and allow myself to remember something that is not in my conscious mind right then. This works more often than it seems like it should, at least to me.

Reading things that I have written before is another way to help me to generate inspiration. I will often recall something that I thought about when I was writing that I did not pursue in that particular essay or paper, but that I can write more about now. Another way that this can be helpful is writing about something that I wrote about academically but now can write about in a personal tone that allows me to give my opinion. I write a lot of research papers, and looking these is usually an effective way to come up with something to write about.

If I am still left with my fingers hovering over the keyboard, so to speak, I will then just open my browser and begin to read. I like to visit aggregate sites such as Reddit and Yahoo or news sources such as CNN and BBC are what I normally rely upon for stimulus in those situations. This process works well if I need to come up with a topic for an argumentative essay, and carries the extra benefit of locating material that I can cite in the essay. The danger, of course, is that I will start looking at GIFs or other content that is not going to be productive.

I enjoy writing, but it is not always easy. Just like any other job, it is often not what you feel like doing at that exact moment in time. Motivation, though, is a fluctuating variable that does not always align itself with the demands of the projects that I am working on. Regardless of my motivation level, though, finding something to write about is sometimes a difficulty. This is how I have learned to find my muse, so to speak, and perhaps it will help you, as well.

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