WritingsGuru Launches New Professional Proofreading and Editing Service

Glasgow, UK: 09/13/2016 — Writings Guru has started offering online proofreading and editing services. After recording unprecedented levels of successfully completed orders, the company planned the expansion to cater for a category that’s underserved by academic writing services.

CEO Robert Warwick announced the new developments after recruiting 52 professional editors to provide the new service. The CEO also indicated that from now on customers have the opportunity to request proofreading services in addition to custom writing.

Some the orders Writings Guru receives comes from graduate students who already have the drafts for their research papers. “We noticed that some of our customers just wanted their writing to be improved,” said Mr. Warwick.

“It’s only fair not to tamper with the research that a student has conducted,” he added. Since experimental data and findings are usually research-specific, an editor would concentrate on the writing to make a thesis/dissertation more concise.

The main difference between the launched service and existing offerings is that Writings Guru uses editors experienced in the various subject areas. Thus, the online editor would check the students’ use of concepts as well as their language use.

Mr. Warwick explained that academic formatting styles are regularly reviewed. But, most students fail to keep up with the new guidelines. Some, which are so minor that they escape the customers’ attention, he added.

“One of our editors, for example, is an APA specialist from an Ivy League University,” the CEO offered. “She’ll show a client what to change in her research paper before she submits it to her professor,” he explained.

After a trial run, where the company offered paper editing at discounted rates, there was a significant increase in the clients’ grades. There are also cases where Writings Guru handled large-scale orders from other custom writing services.

The head of the academic editing department, Julia Spencer explained that professional proofreading is in high demand because even native English writers let poor writing practice creep into their work.

She stated, “You find a graduate student who starts using non-academic conventions in her papers after writing 40,000 words in a thesis.” Colloquialism and padded content is a major problem in academic work, especially in documents in the 30,000 – 50,000 word-count range.

But the need for online editing has also started to become necessary for short-form essays. In subjects like English Literature, students struggle to communicate their arguments given the stilted nature of an academic voice.

“A formal tone shouldn’t limit your ability to express yourself,” the head editor said. She indicated that after working with clients, she noticed an improvement in their adverb/adjective use. And that made the ideas in the handled papers more assertive.

Some of the features the proofreading website offers include:

  • Manuscript formatting using the latest format guidelines, e.g. APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, and Harvard
  • An editing service staffed by language, science and art experts
  • Use of track-changes in addition to a summary of the editorial changes
  • Editors who have years of experience handling publications in areas like national magazines, high-impact journal articles, and high-volume traffic blogs

The academic editing remains competitive through offers such as:

  • Affordable online editing and proofreading services
  • A straightforward pricing structure
  • Multiple payment options, e.g. PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover
  • A fast-response price inquiry system
  • A customer service department that’s reachable 24/7, all year round

The editing and proofreading services may be ordered separately or as a package. “We find that proofreading and editing should be ideally done concurrently,” the CEO explained. “That way, we can provide the copyediting and the stylistic revisions seamlessly,” he added.

“You see, our editors will first highlight all the punctuation and grammar errors and use track changes to show you what you need to revise,” said Mr. Warwick. But the CEO admitted that instead of doing double work (and charging the student more), the proofreading website would rather do the entire proofreading and editing as one package, instead of separate orders.

The company also undertakes revision based on editorial comments from external sources. A good number of professors proofread their students’ work and demand changes based on their remarks.

In such cases, the Writings Guru Editors incorporate all the indicated suggestions. However, they also carry out further proofreading to ensure that the professor hadn’t missed anything. Fortunately, it’s a bonus service that the company offers at no charge.

“Those that contact us and plead: ‘please proofread my paper’ should rest assured that we provide only the highest quality of service,” said the CEO. “It’s our mission to see all students able to submit manuscripts that have clear and cohesive writing,” he declared.

Head editor Ms. [last name], expounded on the CEO claims by stating that when they work on a manuscript, they aim to remove all awkward and ambiguous language use. “We make the transitions between paragraphs smoother. And improve the writing to make it precise and captivating,” she explained.

The interconnectedness of the digital space means that it’s crucial for papers to contain correct and thorough attribution. So, in addition to the proofreading and editing of the content, the company also checks whether its clients use the right citations.

“We check whether a student has given credit where’s it’s due,” Ms. Spencer said. “We compare the bibliographies, footnotes, and endnotes with in-text citations to make sure they correspond correctly,” she added. She also indicated that the editors look for quoted sources to ensure that the student has pointed to the right reference.

The company welcomes the first clients to enjoy exclusive discounts when they place an order. Offers such as free ebooks on proofreading and editing will also be available on the Writings Guru Blog.

More goodies include a personal call from the CEO when placing an order. Mr. Warwick will be available for any comments and suggestions at @essaywritersden, 1-800-4314201 and 44-141-8460162 for three weeks after the service goes live.

About Writings Guru: Writings Guru is a content creating company based in Glasgow, UK. The company was founded in 2015 and specializes in producing custom research papers and essays. With 100+ experienced researchers and 30+ accepted orders daily rate, Writings Guru is UK’s leading academic writing service.

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