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  • Understing Human Variation

    Essay (any type) / Anthropology / Undergraduate / 5 pages

    Human variation is the span of feasible values of any measurable characteristic of human beings, whether physical or mental. These differences in human characteristics can be genetic or environmental, acquired or congenital, transient or permanent. Human variation is the result of fundamental environmental and biological processes, and it is an...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-03-01 03:00:14

    Terrific! Simply awesome!

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  • My Career Goals

    Essay (any type) / Computer science / Rookie/Sophomore / 1 pages

    After careful analysis and assessments of a varying number of factors such as my values, ambition levels, skill set and academic background I have come to realize that a career in Computer Science working for a firm like Google would be a dream come true. Having immersed myself in extensive study of the fundamentals of information technology...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-08-11 00:50:38

    If I get the job, I will send you some tips for your awesome work! Thanks for now. 

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  • Human Resource Management Case...

    Case study / International relations / Undergraduate / 7 pages

    Human resource management within any organization regardless of firm size or geographical location generates competitive edge for the organization. Subsequently, the performance of any organization is greatly influenced by the set of strategic and effective human resource management initiatives adopted and implemented by such a firm. In this...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-04-14 00:10:42

    I am grateful for your hard work. The paper suits my needs. 

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  • Assistive Devices

    Admission essay / IT, WEB / Undergraduate / 9 pages

    Millions of individuals across the globe are incapable of benefiting from the numerous traditional day to day activities their peers enjoy because they have to deal with one form of disability. Their disability impairs them from actively participating in regular activities. It hinders traditional education and even job opportunities. For such...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-05-12 00:30:55

    As intense as it was, you managed to persevere through all of my revision requests and deliver what I precisely needed. Thank you for your professionalism and mind my obtrusiveness. Hope we can do business again in future. 

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