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  • False Memory

    Article review / Psychology / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    The article seeks to establish the existence of the false recall phenomena in individuals. Although it admits that false memory is a common occurrence, it wishes to provide a scientific experiential approach in order to prove that false memory is observable and measurable. On the other hand it also wishes to...

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    2015-09-27 16:40:33

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  • Public Relations Ethics: An...

    Essay (any type) / Ethics / Master's / 1 pages

    The field of Ethics contends that an individual should borrow from the basis of “distinguishing right from wrong” in his or her professional engagements (Bowen “Ethics and Public Relations”). In Public Relations (PR), especially, the concept elicits controversy because of the perceived dishonesty of PR practitioners when...

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    2015-06-25 15:20:37

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  • Personal Essay

    Admission essay / Application Letters / Master's / 1 pages

    Albeit less than stellar, my GPA scores are indicative of the personal challenges that I have had to manage while reading for my undergraduate degree. I assure the admissions committee that the scores do not signify my current attitude towards scholarly endeavors. I faced a myriad of family-based, financial and work-related pressures from 2005...

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    2015-06-25 15:20:37



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  • UCONN MBA Admission Essay

    Admission essay / Business studies / Master's / 1 pages

    Since 2009, when I first encountered the intricacies of running a business, I have always admired the drive and tenacity that causes a group of individuals to turn ideas into tangible financial returns. Starting from the time I was an undergraduate Management student, when I first fell in love with the idea of the enterprise, I never looked...

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    2015-09-15 17:30:21


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