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  • Schizophrenia

    Essay (any type) / Psychology / Rookie/Sophomore / 2 pages

    Different brain structure and chemistry are the other factors believed to cause the condition. An imbalance in the intricate, interconnected chemical functions of the brain that involve neurotransmitters glutamate and dopamine and possibly others, are expressed in schizophrenia. Study of the brain structure of people with schizophrenia reveals...

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    2015-06-15 12:50:48

    Amazing work. This essay was broken down into good detail. Thank you for the good work

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  • Benefits of skin-to-skin

    Research paper / Nursing / Undergraduate / 3 pages

    There are several short-term and long-term benefits associated with the skin to skin care. Even though not all the benefits have been scientifically certified, many healthcare providers believe that both the mother and the newborn benefit from skin to skin care, especially when done immediately after birth. The International Childbirth...

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    2015-09-01 23:10:09

    Well-organized product with professional sources. 

    thanks for putting up with me :) awesome job

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  • Anesthetist Nurse

    Research paper / Nursing / Undergraduate / 5 pages

    A nurse anesthetist should also understand their scope of practice to avoid legal issues. Like in any other profession, going beyond one’s scope can predispose one to many legal issues in their profession. The articles have also discredited the issue of physician supervision during making of a decision and administering anesthesia with...

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    2015-05-12 11:50:13

    really good work. ill be in contact if i have to make any adjusements but from what ive seen its great. thank you

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  • Recent Advancements in HIV/AIDs...

    Essay (any type) / Health care / High School / 4 pages

    With new medication, patients who do not show improvement notwithstanding the current aggressive therapy has better chances of recovery now. Research is in progress to develop drugs that have an entirely new mode of action different from the first-generation antiretroviral. In 2007, Maraviroc, a new drug, was approved by Food and Drug...

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    2015-08-18 19:00:36

    Paper was delivered on-time. I am fully satisfied with the service. 

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