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  • Arabian Health Pharmaceutical’s...

    Business plan / Management / Undergraduate / 16 pages

    The company is registered as Arabian Health Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It will be located along 1st Street in Al Khobar city, Saudi Arabia.  The business is a limited company aimed at importing personal health care products from India, branding, packaging and selling them at an affordable price in the local market. The objective is to...

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    2015-05-01 21:10:48

    First class service!! Great support, lovely website and professional writers. THANKS.

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  • Intellectual Virtues

    Essay (any type) / Psychology / Rookie/Sophomore / 2 pages

    Intellectual virtues are traits necessary for correct thinking and right actions to be undertaken. The traits are acquired through practice and instructions. Intellectual virtues are used in defining a person’s true character. There are five intellectual virtues according to St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. Three of these are speculative...

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    2015-05-04 19:59:42

    My professor’s pleased … I’m happy … It was just a wonderful experience all round! MERCI!!

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  • Connecting Home and School...

    Capstone project / Education / Master's / 14 pages

    When children join a school at the elementary level, they already have gained literacy mathematical skills. They also learn about literacy and numeracy in the school environments. The type of knowledge that they get at the two situations is not autonomous. At the home environment, the skills are acquired in an unstructured manner and in some...

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    2015-01-31 13:10:46

    That’s some dedication to quality you got there. Especially the PDF sources you attached to my final copy. Thanks!

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  • QUESTION: How is

    Article review / English 101 / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    The Arabs have settled in other nations especially the United States for various reasons. Most of them are motivated to adopt better lives from other countries other than theirs. They influence the regions in which they move in more so in their social context. Generally, they maintain their culture through food, and how it is represented, their...

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    2015-05-12 18:32:34

    Excellent work writer #268!! Cheers!!!

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