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  • A Generic Model for Trojan Horse...

    Research paper / Computer science / PhD / 6 pages

    Abstract—Malicious payloads and computer codes have conventionally strived to gain access to target systems for aims which the affected end user experiences as unwanted functions or loss of data. This paper will examine the major types of Trojan horses, their mode of operation, and consequently, propose a framework for...

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    2015-03-10 20:20:13

    I can not help but amaze how you handled such an ample project, formatted it properly, and truly got my respect for the quality in total. Thank you so much, we'll definitely work again n future. 

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  • Safety and Health: A Summative...

    Coursework / Human Resources Management(HRM) / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    The occupational health and safety (OHS) of employees in manufacturing establishments refers to the “physicaland mental well-being” aspects of employee protection (Khrais, Al-Araidah, Aweisi, Elias, & Al-Ayyoub, 2013, p. 227). The concern is of crucial importance to regions experiencing rapid industrial growth, for instance,...

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    2015-05-13 12:00:00

    Given the tight deadline that was required of this project, I was impressed by the quality! THANK YOU!

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  • Social Change Campaign

    Critical thinking / Urban studies / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    Social problems are usually a symptom of greater underlying institutional and policy-based inefficiencies or deficiencies. However, organizations that campaign for an end to the related social problems turn out to become agents of social service work, instead of perpetuating social change work (Kivel).

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    2015-05-18 13:40:05

    You saved the day WritingsGuru!! Got what I wanted at just the right time. Thanks you so much!

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  • Kessin’s Deadly Duel

    Book/movie review / History / Undergraduate / 4 pages

    One Major von Crampas lost his life after a challenge to duel with Baron von Innstetten in the Prussian town of Kessin. The lethal encounter is attributed to the two gentlemen’s romantic relations with one Effi von Innstetten née Briest.Innstetten’s discovery of love letters that Crampas wrote to his wife—Effie; enraged...

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    2015-05-10 03:20:45

    Great Work!!!

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