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  • Work Effectively in The Alcohol...

    Case study / Social work and human services / Rookie/Sophomore / 6 pages

    Society and the media generally portray young people as immune to the risks associated with drug and alcohol use/abuse, but in truth, the segment of the population is as affected by these dangers as older people. According to SMART recovery, most Australian males report using alcohol for the first time by age fifteen.

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    2015-10-04 00:20:10

    A concise, very mature paper. No doubts I will be your returning customer, have a nicest day.


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  • Horatio Alger’s American Dream:...

    Argumentative essays / English 101 / Undergraduate / 4 pages

    The American Dream is the concept that anyone can achieve success and wealth, regardless of origin or circumstance. The idea that societal and financial upward mobility are attainable regardless of the circumstances from which one begins forms the basis for the United States often being referred to as the Land of Opportunity. Horatio Alger used...

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    2015-10-01 00:10:00

    This is just a marvelous piece. Thank you Writings Guru!!

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  • Public Relations: Crisis...

    Case study / Public administration / Master's / 10 pages

    Every organization will need to manage a crisis at some point during its existence, and this is especially true for corporations. The omnipresent news coverage and social media influence of any negative publicity demands an immediate and thorough response to any situation that threatens to tarnish a corporation’s image; a stained image...

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    2015-09-23 03:10:10

    In all honesty, I think the paper could not have been done better during the time given. Thank you very much, dear. 

    All the best. 

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  • Success: No Substitute for Hard...

    Other (enter below) / Application Letters / Undergraduate / 1 pages

    I enjoy challenging myself; nothing is more satisfying than finding the solution to a difficult problem. I possess the determination and work ethic necessary to succeed in whatever I apply myself at, and look forward to finding new challenges at the university level. My educational experience has shown me that I have the necessary talents to...

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    2015-08-11 03:20:24

    You impersonated my goals and aspirations in this tiny little paper. I am very pleased. God BLESS you. 

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