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  • Website Analysis

    Research paper / Computer science / Undergraduate / 1 pages

    Links to important services are well highlighted and in bolder block words than other information on the website. More importantly, a single click of these links takes you directly you the department or service information pages.

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-09-23 23:00:02

    Cohesive analysis, just what the doctor ordered.

    Rate 9/10
  • Marital Sacrament

    Book/movie review / Religious studies / Rookie/Sophomore / 1 pages

    One Body: The coming together of Man and Woman in Holy Matrimony

    Man and Woman (Adam and Eve) though two separate entities, by virtue of creation and marriage are joined together to become one flesh.

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-09-10 19:30:40

    Superior stuff! Timely delivery within 3 hours is something! Thanks!!!

    Rate 10/10
  • Cyber Security

    Coursework / Computer science / Master's / 2 pages

    The design and implementation of new network architecture and infrastructure brings considerable advantages to any organization because it provides an avenue for enhanced data communication. However such new network design comes with its fair share of risks. New network expansion leaves any organization’s network infrastructure...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-08-11 18:20:48

    Designed air tight with my instrucions, a gorgeous paper. 

    A appreiatve your swiftness. 

    Rate 10/10
  • President Truman

    Essay (any type) / History / Undergraduate / 6 pages

    Seventy years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings which claimed over one hundred and thirty thousand lives in Hiroshima and another sixty five thousand in Nagasaki, questions continue to arise as to whether the United States as a nation was justified in the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan. Then president of the United States of...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-10-07 04:30:54

    Terrific job.

    Won't be hesitating to request you for my future tasks. 

    Rate 9/10