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  • Theology and Financial...

    Thesis / Religious studies / Master's / 2 pages

    Theology examines the plan that God has for this creations, and how He wishes them to live their lives. It provides practical guidelines that are applicable in contemporary society. For all the technological advances that have taken place since the Bible was written, its message still resonates in modern society due to its timeless guidance...

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    2015-09-17 00:00:52

    Wonderful, thank you so much! U saved my LIFE!!

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  • California History

    Article review / History / Undergraduate / 7 pages

    California has always been central to the interests of whatever government has controlled it. Spain, Mexico, The Republic of California, and the United States have all fought wars to determine ownership of this portion of North America. California is rich in natural resources including precious minerals, fertile farmland, and its location along...

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    2015-09-03 07:20:25

    Good job. Quite convenient system of revisions and collaboration oveall. I like what you guys did here. 


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  • Cyber Security

    Research paper / Criminal Justise / Undergraduate / 10 pages

    CCS International is at the heart of provision and support of Information Technology (IT) initiatives. However, just as the organization depends on the opportunities that IT increasingly opens up, it also has to contend with malicious agents, such as cyber criminals who exploit Information Security (IS) weaknesses to steal data or sabotage...

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    2015-08-07 19:00:40

    This writer is a major professional. Thank you for producing an off-charts work on such a short notice! Tip him 10$ for me please. I'd like to encourage him. 



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  • Winning World War II: How the...

    Essay (any type) / History / Undergraduate / 6 pages

    This paper explores how the Allied forces defeated the Axis forces in World War II despite heavy losses at the onset and a delayed entrance into the conflict by the United States. The inherent Allied advantages strategic flexibility, nuclear weapons, and the American entrance led to victory.

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    2015-08-06 23:30:50



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