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  • Does Medical Use Of Nanotechnology...

    Admission essay / Biology (and other Life sciences) / Undergraduate / 3 pages

    Nanotechnological advances are driven almost totally by economics and curiosity, with little apprehension for possible precedents to be placed and the establishing of both inherent security and moral guidelines. This implies that it has been left to chance who will be the first party to initiate significant advances in the field, such as the...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-09-08 10:40:30

    WrGuru's professional gave me a great paper. He critically evaluated whether the potential benefits of nanotechnology in medicine outweigh the limitations. He met all the suggested criterias. Appreciate his hard work and professional...

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  • Importance of Theory

    Research paper / Nursing / Undergraduate / 9 pages

    In essence, nursing practice is based on more than one theorist is not merely practicing nursing professionally since it is not based solely on nursing, but entails offering generic care founded on medicine. In the same manner, studies devoid of support from an established nursing theoretical framework do not translate to a nursing...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-05-23 11:00:44

    You did such an amazing job and I will definitely be using this writer for my future papers. Thank you

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  • Medical-Surgical Nursing Article...

    Research paper / Nursing / Undergraduate / 5 pages

    The topic for this qualitative article was well chosen to match up with the study. It is thorough in highlighting the main variables that will be evaluated in the study and the phenomenon it attempts to shed some more light on. The title has captured what (Decision making models), who (medical-surgical nurses) and why (activate rapid response...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-01-22 23:10:51

    The writer followed all the provided instructions.

    My instructor was surprised with the quality of work I provided. High five to the writer!!

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  • Application of Psychology

    Essay (any type) / Psychology / Undergraduate / 6 pages

    Stress has been defined as a normal response of the human body to stressors. It is one of the most important determiners of mental conditions such as depression (Myers, 2006). Stress can result from many things including our daily life, extreme life-changing events, and health condition among others. Not only do diseases lead to...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-05-21 17:10:00

    As a Psychology doctoral student, I’d struggled to find a writing service that would assign me a writer with the requisite qualifications and expertise to handle my demanding research. Although it was by a stroke of luck that I stumbled on...

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